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Lucinda Gainey

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Betsy is leaving California for Minnesota: How will this upper midwest state welcome her?


How does it feel to be suddenly a widow when you still have everything (and more) than you need?

Male/Female Dialogue

Can two people move from an impulsive blunder to the beginnings of a romance?


NonFiction: Self-Help

How can changing your personal modes of behavior change the way others behave?

NonFiction: Business

Why is it important to have diversity in the group of people making decisions?

Memoir - East Texas Accent

How does cancer change your perspective?

Historical Fiction

How does a turn-of-the-century man respond to a petition from a bunch of women regarding his use of one of those new horseless carriages?

Cozy Mystery

They planned for the intruder to come to the front door, but who is jingling the knob of the kitchen door?

Thriller - 1st Person

Is Trudy truly alone in the apartment?

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